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In 1985, our company has taken the step of Hatay sector with garbage collection. Increase the capacity of the company is growing day by day at the moment is a modern property located in a closed area of ​​10.500m2 services continues.
Enterprise, facility construction stage by making the necessary applications to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization on 10/04/2011 separation and recycling of packaging waste collection operations'' from'' ENVIRONMENTAL PERMIT AND LICENSORS. Also intermediate storage of hazardous waste, hazardous waste, waste vegetable oil, waste oil, batteries, and battery is licensed. In this way, continuity of operations, and by providing a discipline continues to move forward.
Advanced modern countries, as in the forefront of the ecological balance of which Turkey Ferhanoğulları they are worthy of keeping a clean and tidy environment, survival of our people, which has been wasted so far of evaluating all types of industrial and urban waste recycling industries as raw materials to ensure they belong, so you do not account for national economy to provide a new and larger revenues in Europe, each with their own hands with the leading companies in the well-being of our environment, our economy for the purpose of breeding and continues to work.
Plant, separation and recycling of packaging waste collection activities are carried out. These studies have outlined the city garbage waste is deemed worthless item in the ordinary ulunup ever scrap paper and cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, plastic containers and pots textiles, etc.. After separating the organic wastes presleyip modern technologies such as baling waste as a raw material to the gain related industries. In this way, as well as to prevent and reduce natural resources, environmental pollution arising from such wastes is mania.
If a single daily shift work capacity allocation and pressing plant about 30-40TON stop. Recycling capacity: 15-20 tons per day in the event of a double shift again. It also is available in 73 countries overseas imports of all kinds of plastic products are bringing licens. Domestic and international packaging waste facility committed many points gained are provided and processed, then our industry and our economy.
FERHANOGULLARI Recycling Company continues its activities by providing discipline and continuity.
Today, tomorrow and the future generations sea blue, green environment, we want to leave our air breathable SUPPORT CALL FOR RECYCLED ...
FERHANOGULLARI, advanced modern countries, as well as keeping our country at the forefront of the ecological balance of our people that they deserve to live in a clean and tidy environment, as well as enabling and so far, all types of industrial and urban waste, which is waste of evaluating a valuable raw material industries to which they belong recycling of the national economy, and thus provide a new and huge profits in the account in order to ensure non-European organization, each a leader in its field hand in hand with companies to work for the welfare of our environment, our economy for the purpose of breeding and is working.
These studies outlined in the city so far are within the ordinary rubbish is deemed a worthless waste of material, the scrap of paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, plastic containers and utensils, textiles, etc. After separating the organic wastes presleyip modern technologies such as baling waste related industries, and thus impart a valuable raw materials as well as to the reduction of natural resources and prevent environmental pollution resulting from both of these wastes is mania.
FERHANOGULLARI briefly above, to the introduction of Recycling Company with specialist companies, each leaders in their field, and hand in hand with the country's economy, is an effort to serve the people and the environment. You can have more detailed information by visiting other pages on our site.

Our Vision 


Unconditional satisfaction of our customers, our employees' satisfaction and satisfaction.
Purpose of the service, industrial enterprises and household waste collected and cleaned by grinding the plastic-based materials to protect the environment by enabling the use of internal and external market and contribute to the economy.

Our Mission

Harmless to the environment to make the packaging waste, incineration or other destruction to manage, before subjecting recycled to provide the necessary research on this issue, the organization and to make investments.

Quality Policy

Our aim is to ensure the continuity of experience in Quality, Customer Satisfaction with the basic principle is to deliver the products.
For this purpose,
 Our company is developing in parallel with national and international technical and technology resulting from this by following these expectations by identifying products that meet customer demands will in time.
 Domestic and foreign official technical standards prescribed standards by adopting technical specifications of the product offered to the market will ensure that you have.
 To ensure customer satisfaction, in order to ensure continuity in the quality of the product and process improvement, cost reduction is targeted.
 Before and after sales services in domestic and overseas customers by ensuring continuity and customer information from our co-operation in accordance with the direction given to quality.
 To ensure the continuity of the Company Management Customer Satisfaction, Quality Management System in accordance with the principles of the use of the resources needed to undertake to ensure continuous improvement and support of all employees
FERHANOGULLARI Recycling Co.Ltd. companies in its sector to be one of the most trusted and preferred principle, management and quality policy in this direction.
Has identified the following main headings in order to ensure the continuity of this policy.
• disruption of production and services to our customers needs, provide effective and reliable,
• For this purpose technologies in the world, following the standards continuously exceeding the expectations of our customers and offer services legislation,
• customers with the most reasonable price, superior quality and reliable products on time in accordance with the present legislation,
• employees' health, safety, to ensure that present and future, in order to increase loyalty and satisfaction through continuous activities to increase the education and personal development, in line with the principle of transparent management information, authorized by the division of responsibilities to keep the team spirit alive,
• collaborate with suppliers to establish a close and continuous monitoring the results, to ensure integrity of all of the service chain to be
• All employees, including senior management, particularly FERHANOĞULLARI Recycling Co.Ltd. The effectiveness of the quality system is responsible for developing and implementing the Quality Policy.

Environmental Policy;

·         Recycling companies have been involved in the industry as one of the issues related to waste recycling services, while all our efforts to protect the environment in which we have established environmental management system and relations in the light of moral values ​​in accordance with national and international regulations, government agencies and non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders, communication and We will keep developing in co-operation,

· Raw material and energy consumption, technology selection, natural resource use, waste prevention, environmental protection and pollution prevention and recycling to reduce waste in all our activities to regain the country's economy through the provision of the main principles of our company
· Periodically review and evaluate the more determined, the environmental objectives and targets, introducing continuous improvement of our environmental management system and, accordingly, the protection of the environment and human health, education and activities to encourage our employees rising importance of environmental awareness, continuously going to keep at the forefront of the principle of protecting the environment and the protection of others,
· During the services and activities we conduct, the environment, in order to avoid adverse effects on humans and other living creatures by making compliance with environmental impacts of our activities, pollution prevention, environmental interaction in the development of continuously improving compliance with environmental legislation and administrative regulations, reviewing environmental objectives and targets by identifying the document binding, implementation, maintaining, aims.